About Our Children Books

When we started this project back in July of 2013 Becky and I found it alarming that there were so few resources out there to help young children cope with their parent’s divorce.  With that in mind enter Mr. Apple, Ms. Orange and our main character, Little Fruit. In our Book “Mommy and Daddy Troubles” Little Fruit learns:

  1. It is not his fault that parent’s separate, it’s a simple fact that parent’s, like fruit, don’t mix well;
  2. It is up to Mr. Apple and Ms. Orange to come up with a game plan to save the day and help Little Fruit fight uncertainty, fear and the general unknown caused by divorce;

In our book “Little Fruit Phone Home” (Available 2015) little fruit learns that he can express his feelings so his parents are there to listen and help! Little fruit also figures out that Mr. Apple and Ms. Orange continue to inform one another of his day to day activities and maintain their role as Mom and Dad.

About Our Parents Books

Admitted to the Texas State Bar in November of 1992, I hung up my shingle to practice family law in downtown San Antonio, Texas.  I have been in court on a continual basis for the past twenty one years in resolving client’s child custody and visitation disputes.It was also during this time period that I realized that many parties would be better served if they could to reach agreements with one another outside the court room so the best interests of their children could truly be served.

“So You’re an Apple and You Married an Orange…….An Introduction to Cooperative parenting” was written to help parents negotiate with their ex for the benefit of their children for the purpose of turning an individual’s attention from the fear and hurt of their divorce and focus on why it is important to work with their ex to resolve the needs of their children.The book is over 50 pages in length, and can be read in one sitting.

“So You’re an Apple and You Married an Orange ……The A-Z approach to Cooperative Parenting” was written to help parents negotiate with their ex for the benefit of their children. The core teaching of the book is that effective communication skills can be learned when both parties learn to share information concerning the children and interact ONLY when it is necessary to address the needs of their children.   True cooperative parenting can happen once a parent see’s their ex for what they truly are, which is their child’s other parent.