Having a family law practice  in San Antonio, Texas since November of 1992,  a majority of our practice is focused on handling highly contentious divorce and custody cases. Our first decade and a half of our practice was spent mostly before a trial judge resolving disputed issues of fact and advocate for the best interest of our clients.

As time went on we began to help clients resolve their differences outside the courtroom.  Helping parties resolve their differences normally meant enlisting the help of psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors.  Learning a different approach meant adopting a different mentality to resolving family law conflicts.

We believe that the best way to help parents to resolve their family law conflicts is to get them to focus on the needs of their children. We began searching for information to help kids cope with their parent’s divorce. We found it appalling that there were so few resources out there to help children cope with their parent’s divorce. With that in mind, Kids First Parents Second was created.

In 2013, we created KidsFirstParentsSecond.Org to offer children resources to help them cope with their parent’s divorce. Since that time, our services have expanded to serving the whole family. We offer a comprehensive approach for the family, helping parent’s learn how resolve conflict while teaching children ways to cope in what appears to be a hopeless situation.

Helping these children is now a life-long mission of Kids First Parents Second.